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Posted on 6/May/2021 07:42 AM
Organisation :
Status :
Manual Title :
Air Force Continuing Airworthiness Manual (AFCAMAN)
Book Title :
Book IV - Performance of Maintenance
Chapter Title :
Chapter 8 - Tool Control
Paragraph :
1.2 The use of tools and support equipment
Summary of deficiency, proposed amendment and justification :
Request the definition for the purpose of this chapter be extended to include consumables such as rags etc to ensure that maintainers are aware that they are responsible to control all types of equipment utilised throughout the course of maintenance. Example of what paragraph 1.2 may read like: Tool control is an essential component in maintaining flight safety by minimising the possibility of tools being left in an aircraft and/or within components. It also ensures that only approved and authorised tools are used for aviation activities. The use of tools , support equipment, rags and consumables (referred to as tools for the rest of this instruction) on aircraft, components and parts are required to be controlled.
Admin Comments :
10/05/2021 - Reference 2021-CA021 allocated. 20/07/2021 - Submission actioned, the changes will be incorporated into the next AFCAMAN Issue.