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Posted on 1/Jul/2021 02:28 PM
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Manual Title :
Air Force Continuing Airworthiness Manual (AFCAMAN)
Book Title :
Book IV - Performance of Maintenance
Chapter Title :
Chapter 2 - Roles and Responsibilities
Paragraph :
1.17 Tradespersons are responsible for: a.providing on-job training and coaching to Trade Assistants b.Task Sign Off and Certification of Maintenance within the scope of their authorisation in accordance with Book IV Chapter 3 – Task Sign Off and Certification of Maintenance c.ensuring they are aware of and comply with all relevant Warnings, Cautions and Instructions for their prescribed task d.not proceeding past any point in the task where an Error Capture (EC) inspection is required e.informing their chain of command when they, or other personnel, are subject to psychological (state-of-mind related) or physiological (physical-related) factors that adversely, or may adversely, impair their ability to perform maintenance or GAT f.only operating test and support equipment they are authorised to operate g.using only approved and serviceable tools, ground equipment, test equipment and materials h.adhering to tool control procedures in accordance with Book III Chapter 7 – Tool Control and local procedures i.ensuring that authorised data are used, and that authorised data is: (1)complete, correct, applicable, approved and adequate for the task (2)in close proximity to the aircraft or component being maintained (3)in good condition j.ensuring all serviceability criteria for components and parts are met in accordance with the relevant authorised data before fitment k.evaluating the adequacy and efficiency of maintenance activities and proposing changes as required l.preparing and submitting defective or surplus components and materiel for return to stores m.completing and submitting associated documentation for support equipment where applicable n.maintaining a clean and tidy work area o.perform or participate in the PBED process
Summary of deficiency, proposed amendment and justification :
Request that the following line is added to Tradespersons responsibilities: 'All follow-on maintenance requirements have been identified and documented.'
Admin Comments :
08/07/2021 - Reference 2021-CA029 allocated. 06/09/2021 - Change accepted, change will be published in the next release of the AFCAMAN