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Posted on 22/Jul/2021 11:59 AM
Organisation :
Status :
Manual Title :
Air Force Continuing Airworthiness Manual (AFCAMAN)
Book Title :
Book IV - Performance of Maintenance
Chapter Title :
Chapter 9 - Foreign Objects
Paragraph :
Book IV Chapter 9 Para 1.12
Summary of deficiency, proposed amendment and justification :
Para 1.12 states: Foreign object control checks shall be performed by all personnel involved in any task. There is no requirement for a discrete entry in the continuing airworthiness record system for a FOC check, as task endorsement encompasses the requirements of FOC. Notwithstanding this, a dedicated FOC check may be raised at any time. It is suggested that the word endorsement be replaced by certification. This is to clarify that the requirements of a Foreign Object Check is carried out within the act of certifying a task.
Admin Comments :
22/07/2021 - Reference 2021-CA031 allocated. 10/08/2021 - Change accepted, change will be published in the next release of the AFCAMAN