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Posted on 2/Nov/2021 08:41 PM
Organisation :
Status :
Manual Title :
Air Force Continuing Airworthiness Manual (AFCAMAN)
Book Title :
Book IV - Performance of Maintenance
Chapter Title :
Chapter 2 - Roles and Responsibilities
Paragraph :
Book IV Chapter 2 Para 1.16 b
Summary of deficiency, proposed amendment and justification :
Subject paragraph establishes the requirement for a tradesperson to have completed Aircraft type training prior to being considered eligible for the award of Tradespersons Authoristion. This requirement reduces the SQN's flexibility in awarding the Tradespersons Authorisation and thus increases the supervision burden as work conducted must be done IAW Maintenance Tradesman-Assistant provisions. The removal of this requirements is not expected to have any impact on safety or airworthiness outcomes. Further supporting information can be found in BP20488068. The following amendments to para 1.16b are proposed: 1. Inclusion of platform Safety and Familiarisation course (or equivalent) 2. change the platform specific type course for on-aircraft maintenance to desirable
Admin Comments :
02/11/2021 - Reference 2021-CA042 allocated